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Lots to see!

March 11, 2017 – April


Passion the website-- extremely individual pleasant and whole lots to see!



Very friendly, helpful people!

March 9, 2017 – Rachel Simas, Thorton, CA


My late husband purchased our 34 ton Brave splitter at least 20 years ago. I have an all electric home, so heat solely with a wood stove. The "Brave" has been keeping me warm all these years! Couldn't get along without it. My son does the splitting now but the owners manual had been lost, so I contacted Bill at Iron & Oak. He helped me download a copy of the manual. I can't speak highly enough about the product and the friendly, helpful people there!



Terrific website

February 3, 2017 – AJ


Terrific web site you've gotten right here.



Dear Brave,

July 27, 2016 – Steve L Hettinger, Tuscola, IL


Log Splitter in Use


I purchased your log splitter 8 years ago after splitting wood by hand for 40 years. Just wanted to tell you it saved me! Got too old to split by hand. Your splitter has split a lot of wood in the last 8 years and has never failed me! You built a solid product up to the task it was made for. Thanks, Steve.



If we ever decide to replace our splitter we will definitely chose another "Brave" product.

May 12, 2016 – Ron Giddings, Sandpoint, I.D


Log Splitter in Use


I was working on my property yesterday splitting firewood when the thought occurred to me that my 20 ton "Brave Log Splitter" continues to serve us well after 25 years. We purchased it in 1991 and other than routine maintenance and replacing the low pressure hydraulic hose once the splitter has performed perfectly. We did do some carburetor work on the Briggs & Stratton Engine but even that is minor considering the hard use both the splitter and engine experience each year. The only disappointment is that I should have chosen a 24 ton unit but we have done well with the 20 ton model.


If we ever decide to replace our splitter we will definitely chose another "Brave" product.



USA made products, dependable!

August 11, 2015 – Donald Robers, Poland, ME


I purchased a logsplitter in 1991 with a Brave hydraulic pump on it and it has split 8-10 cords of wood yearly with dependability. This was the first year that the girl has given me any problems and I have just ordered its first replacement part - a new Brave hydraulic pump. This goes to show the quality of USA made products, dependable! The service department was very helpful in finding the new part.


Thank you.



Very well worth the money

August 5, 2015 – James Doll, Sterling, KS


The E-Z Split Log Splitter 8 Ton 3.5 Briggs & Stratton Motor is unbelievable! Was looking for a small log splitter which you didn’t have to pull behind the vehicle and at the same time have the splitter power of a Big Splitter. When I first saw this one and watched the video, I thought it was fake. Granted I bought this one used from a guy that has had it for a while. First of all, I was amazed on how easy it starts. Second he split a log that was 15 inches along and 18 inches wide. It was hard wood and I was truly amazed on how it very easily handled the split. It acted like it was a 12 ton, just like the video stated. I bought it right away, cleaned the unit up and went to the recycle station. Found some stumps that measured 16 inches long and one was 18 in diameter, the other was 22 inches in diameter. The splitter started up on the first pull. It split everything easily. I am amazed about the power this unit has. I have never seen anything like this before and I am 65 years old!!!!


Very well worth the money.



No doubt about the toughest piece of equipment I have ever had

November 11, 2014 – Steve Mackender, Hattiesburg, MS


Log Splitter in Use


This is my 19 year old Brave VH 9024 Log Splitter still doing what it does best! This is no doubt about the toughest piece of equipment I have ever had. It will split anything you put on it. Twisted Hickory is no match for its power. Much to my shame this splitter has set out in the weather uncovered for its entire life, yet it starts every year on the second pull of the rope. Thanks for making such a great piece of equipment. Most of what you buy these days is junk but this splitter has exceeded my expectations by far.



A reliable piece of equipment for making firewood that heats our home

November 8, 2014 – Paula Hayden, Fulton, NY


Log Splitter in Use Log Splitter in Use


We have had our Brave woodsplitter since my father purchased it new in the mid 1980's. It has been a reliable piece of equipment for making firewood that heats our home and our maple syrup operation all those years. Well made product that is made in the USA.


This review provided by Facebook



Great testament that “MADE IN AMERICA” still does mean something

September 24, 2014 – Tom Bartley, Washington, MO


Log Splitter in Use Log Splitter in Use Log Splitter in Use


This thing has had several owners and several replacement motors, but I am now the proud owner… it works great!! I had done a web chat with one of your employees and had found out about the NAPA filter for the thing. She didn’t think there was still a cap available though.. so my jimmy riggin’ will have to do I guess. The only serial type numbers I could find were on the actual pump which to my knowledge, is still the original. I do believe this is a great testament that “MADE IN AMERICA” still does mean something.


Thanks for building a great product.



I just can't say enough great things about my 26 ton Brave

July 17, 2014 – Greg Pink, Cedar Rapids, IA


After hand splitting my wood to heat my home and garage for 22 yrs. I was ready for some help. I quit teaching Kindergarten and started my own company named Windsor Woods. I mainly install and refinish hardwood floors, but also do a fair amount of tree work and sell firewood on the side. When I first purchased the Brave I was probably putting 15-20 cords per yr through it. My guess is now it's probably seen better than 100. Any time I see a splitter (in a store or at a friend’s) I immediately study it top to bottom, comparing it with my own. I just couldn't be happier with mine or think of away way to make it any better. I'd also like to hail the parent company of BRAVEs decision to stand behind their newly purchased product line and resolve issues from years past! Unheard of this day and age. Outstanding customer service and top line products are what keeps companies in business forever. I see it in your future. Once again THANKS! As usual I will continue to sing Braves praises and encourage all my family and friends to get on board!



Very good quality equipment

July 7, 2014 – Jeremy Stienkamp, Brownstown, IN


Log Splitter in Use Log Splitter in Use


Very good quality equipment. I've had my splitter for 12 years now, I use it every fall and winter, it splits about 40 to 50 rick a year !!


This review provided by Facebook



5 Star Service Department and Outstanding Customer Service!!

December 7, 2012 – Steve L., Cambridge, MN


I would like to say a very BIG thank you for your stellar service! On Dec. 4th, I broke the filter head casting (BR001112) off of my Brave Model VH9922. I went to my manual and found the part# and called your customer servive dept. Although I don’t remember the name of the Lady whom I spoke with, I was so happy to have her helping me because she knew exactly what I needed. After we placed the order I asked her if she could give me an approximate day of delivery.


I was told that I could expect the parts by Thursday or Friday for sure as she was sending the parts out by UPS right away!


While I was waiting for the parts I was trying to figure out a way to rethread the short stub of pipe nipple that was left. Unfortunately I found out there is no way to rethread that nipple because it is too short. I then sent an e-mail to Customer Service asking them if it would be alright to attach the filter head to the nipple with a piece of hose or not. Brian returned an e-mail within hours telling me that the hose “fix” would work because of the low pressure on the return side, as long as I supported the head somehow.


Yesterday, 12-06-12, at about 9:30 AM the UPS truck delivered my parts and within 30 minutes I had my splitter up and running again and was able to finish splitting all of my wood !! Being that we are forcasted for some substantial snow within the next few days this was very important to me to get it done. The hose “fix” worked perfectly, just as Brian said.


All of this was possible because of your 5 star service department and outstanding customer service!! THANK YOU!!


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you.



Commitment to Customer Service / Made in The USA

June 23, 2012 – Peter Mayer, St. Louis, MO


Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry. I enjoyed speaking with you and your commitment to customer service. It is greatly appreciated. Also, please pass on to your corporate management team that I greatly appreciate their commitment to keeping the BRAVE product manufacturing process here in the USA. I also hope they are committed to using parts and materials made in the USA by USA labor. I believe in supporting US companies and purchasing US made products even if it costs more to purchase.


Thank you again.



This splitter never even hesitated

May 17, 2012 - Amazon Reviewer


just had this little splitter a few days and have split just a dozen logs but find this little baby is the real deal. just split about a dozen pieces to test this out and am talking about 15 to 20 inch logs(all oak) and this splitter never even hesitated. yes i think i've been around and have used a couple of different ones in the past to know what i see. like a comment i saw while researching this splitter "finally 1 that lives up to it's reputation" ditto.


This review provided by Amazon




August 17, 2011 - Amazon Reviewer


This is the best tool purchase I've made in years.


So far it will split anything I've tossed at it effortlessly....and that includes Black Oak ...further, it assembled in minutes, starts easily, and is very well constructed and USA made. It is light weight and easily can be moved or set up stationary. It is truly an amazing machine.


It is also sold on the web under the brand "Iron and Oak"....same machine.


Shop around the net for pricing...I paid $835 delivered to the door.


This review provided by Amazon



Incredible machine!!!!!

Nov. 14, 2010 - Amazon Reviewer


Whoever designed this incredable machine can be considered nothing less than brilliant. I am an amputee with a bad heart so I try to set everything up so my wife that is 5 foot 2 inches and 120 pounds can handle it. She is able to roll this around like a toy. But let there be no mistake, this is a powerful tool. This will comfortably do everything my friends full size splitter will do. I put well seasoned knotty oak and every thing else I had through it and it never even slowed it down. It is made as well as my friends or better. Everything is made of heavy duty materials and all is American made. I took off my leg and sat in the middle of my living roon floor and put this together in 15 minutes. Please believe me when I say that I wouldn't trade this splitter for any splitter on the market and that is the Gods honest truth.


This review provided by Amazon



Made In America Standards

Glyn, ArborVitae, Wisconsin


As a former Industrial Arts instructor, I have an appreciation for quality built machinery and tools. After purchasing a BRAVE EZ Split log splitter, I followed the excellent assembly instructions provided.


It was truly a pleasure to find that the various components were machined to fit precisely and made in the USA.


The engine started on the second pull and provided a steady flow of power to the ram. I have used it to split both green and dry Oak and Birch chunks this past week, and the unit never hesitates.


Thank you for putting a product on the market that is worthy of praise and lives up to the Made In America standards.




Log Splitters in Use

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